3D Minefield – team building activity

3D Minefield – team building activity

How to play

This event is a great team building activity for building trust and communication. Imagine a 20 X 20 roped off area filled with live mouse traps, water hazards and “poisonous” vines. They aren’t really poisonous, just pieces of brightly colored string. Now imagine crawling through this minefield blindfolded with nothing to guide you but the directions your teammates give. Team members go into the minefield on a rotating basis to rescue important objects and they must be very, very careful where they step or crawl or one of the mousetraps might be snap at them. This team building activity is completed when all objects have been obtained.

Business application

The 3D Minefield team building activity offers numerous parallels to the realities of business. Part of what makes teams more successful than individuals is the ability to look at problems from multiple angles. As team members take action they will run into obstacles; some seen, some hidden. Having the support, guidance and perspective of other team members makes the difference between success and failure. 

  • Players – 8 – 50
  • Time – 60 min
  • Equipment – none

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