Body Surfing – team building game

Body Surfing – team building game

An exciting indoor team building game. The players become waves and one of them will play as the surfer.

How to play

All the players lie face down, side by side, spaced about a body’s width apart to form a long human breaker.  A player kneels at one end of the line of bodies and launches himself onto the surface, belly down with his/her arms outstretched.  The wave action now begins.  Those at the beginning of the line start rolling over continuously in the same direction.  As the surfer moves onto new players, they roll as well.  When the surfer reaches the beach at the other end of the line he lies down and becomes part of the wave and the person at the head of the line gets to try her surfing skills. 

  • Players – 10 – 40
  • Time – 10 min – 30 min
  • Equipment – none

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