Feeding Time – team building game

Feeding Time – team building game

I this exciting activity the players become hunters for food. Who is going to win this team building game this time?

How to play

The group needs to be split into small groups of at least 4 people. Each group needs to be a different animal and decide on the sound they will make.  A leader needs to be chosen for every group.  The object of the game is for each group to try and collect the most food.  On the word “go”, the players can start looking around the playing area for food.  The only people that can actually pick up the food are the group leaders but they can not pick up any food they want.  The rest of the team members look for the food and when they find it, they stand on it or beside it and make their animal noise until their leader comes.  Once the food is taken by the leader, the player would go and look for food again.  The team that collects the most wins.

  • Players – 15 – 50
  • Time – 15 min – 30 min
  • Equipment – small pieces of paper, peanuts or candies.

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