Footloose – team building game

Footloose – team building game

Now let’s imagine the world is ending and we need to save everyone from extinction. A team building game that will challenge your organisation and working under pressure skills.

How to play

The object of this game is to transport everyone from one end of the playground to the other.  To heighten the challenge and make the game more fun, suggest that players are fleeing a dreaded disease and can only escape if they are carried by other players.  The players may be carried by as many players as necessary.  When the carried player is delivered to the other side of the playground the others must go back and carry each other.  This continues until the last player is carried by a single person.  The last player, who was not carried gets carried back triumphantly on the shoulders of the entire group.

  • Players – 8 – 20
  • Time – 10 min – 30 min
  • Equipment – none

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