Group Juggle (Cat Juggling) – team building game

Group Juggle (Cat Juggling) – team building game

How to play

Participants are grouped into a very large circle. The facilitator brings out 3 -7 cats (Beanie Baby stuffed animals work very well for this event). The group is told that today they will learn how to cat juggle. 

One cat is thrown across the circle to one of the participants, he/she then throws the cat to another participant and so one until every participant has “juggled” the cat. It is then thrown back to the facilitator. This process is repeated adding more and more cats each time until cats are flying everywhere. 

The team is challenged to juggle the cats without dropping any and completing the exercise in less and less time. As the group is challenged to improve their performance barriers are identified and creative solutions are introduced to overcome self imposed limitations. 

Business application

Most of our jobs involve heavy amounts of juggling. We also come up against significant barriers which must be broken through in order to increase performance. This team building activity simulates a working environment where chaos rules, people are going many different directions and lots of energy and resources are used to keep all the plates spinning. Participants identify what is needed to break through self imposed limitations, think creatively and focus on the most efficient way to complete tasks.

  • Players – 10 – 50
  • Time – 30- 45 min
  • Equipment – 3 – 7 Beanie Baby cats or Koosh balls

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