Hammeroid – team building game

Hammeroid – team building game

The hammeroid team building exercise challenges participants to suspend a hammer in mid-air using only a string and a 12 inch ruler. The only thing allowed to touch the table is 1/2 of an inch of the ruler. This activity brings out innovation, teamwork and communication.

How to play

Hammeroid is an excellent activity for an opener. We use this activity most often in our workshops on conflict resolution. Each hammeroid element (hammer, string, ruler, table) is described as a personality type, each corresponding to a work style preference from the D.i.S.C. assessment. Participants are tasked with bringing a team in conflict into harmony. The conflict is resolved when the the hammer, string and ruler are perfectly balanced. The catch is, only 1/4 inch of the ruler may touch the table and the hammer may not be on top of any of the other three “styles”. 

Business Application

The D.i.S.C. work-style preference measures four basic personality types: D (dominant), I (influencer), S (steadiness) and C (conscientiousness). Participants enjoy learning about their style and how they can work with other team members more effectively. The hammeroid is a real challenge and requires perseverance, innovating thinking and teamwork. Lively discussion always follows this activity.

  • Players – 10 – 20
  • Time – 30 min
  • Equipment – none

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