The Electric Fence – team building game

The Electric Fence – team building game

The objective in this team building game is to transport a group over an “electrified” wire or fence using only themselves and a conductive beam. 

How to play

If a participant touches the fence (rope)  he is “dead” and must attempt the crossing again.  Any person touching the individual as he touches the wire must also return for another crossing.  If the conductive beam touches the wire all those in contact with that beam are dead and must attempt another crossing.  An electric field extends from the wire to the ground and cannot be penetrated.  The trees or other supports which hold up the “wire” cannot be safely touched and so cannot be of assistance in the problem.

    Caution!:  Be careful not to let the more enthusiastic people literally throw other participants 7′- 8′ in the air over the rope. 

  • Players – 10 – 30
  • Time – 10 min – 20 min
  • Equipment – Sturdy 8′ pole, “wire” 

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