The Helium Pole – team building game

The Helium Pole – team building game

The Helium Pole is part of our Indoor Team Building Challenge event. This event works very well for:

          * Conference break out sessions
          * When you have limited time and want a fun pick-me-up
          * Poor weather conditions and you need to stay indoors

How to play

The helium pole is an indoor team building game which defies the laws of gravity and takes an incredible amount of well coordinated teamwork to be successful. The basic idea is simple – lower a slim, wooden dowel to the ground all together as a team. However, the dowel rises into the air instead of lowering to the ground. How can that be? The team must work it out and find the solution. Most teams get it, but only after several starts and restarts.

Business application

This mirrors the business dynamic of projects starting out well, but quickly going awry. Why is that? Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out. What you do as a team when plans go awry has everything to do with team work, trust and communication. Teams come away from this activity with a deeper understanding of how they work best together.

  • Players – 10 –
  • Time – 45 – 60 min
  • Equipment – none

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